Spraying Services

In addition to mobile blast cleaning we also undertake a full spraying service.  This might be on wood, metal,  concrete or a variety of other surfaces.


The most frequent request is for coating metal.  Once metal has been blasted it should be given some treatment to prevent the formation of milscale and ultimately rust.  We undertake anything from the steel columns on large building sites to smaller items such as patio furniture, fencing and radiators.

Examples of some projects we have undertaken

  • radiators
  • large steel columns
  • industrial plant and machines such as
    • extruders
    • tanks
    • forge equipment
    • recyling plant
  • wrought iron fencing
  • commercial buildings

and many other applications

Machinery at a recyling plant after blasting and spraying

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07920 428080


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Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00


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