We undertake all sorts of blasting work on wood - beams, gates,  doors, etc




Blasting interior & exterior brickwork on old or new buildings




Wrought iron fencing, steel columns, pipes and vehicles and containers and many other items can be blast cleaned



With 20 years experience.... you can trust us to deliver every time!

PukkaBlast Mobile Shot, Grit  Sand Blasting and  Spraying

We are a small family business offering a mobile blast cleaning and spraying service.  Blast Cleaning  is sometimes  known as shot blasting, grit blasting or sand blasting, it  is all the same thing.  We change the abrasive used depending on what is to be blast cleaned.


Our blaster and sprayer has over 20 years experience in the business and has worked on such projects as blasting the concrete beams under Jct 6, M6 (spaghetti junction), chemical cleaning The Red Palace, Birmingham, blasting and spraying the steelwork on the Debenhams store in Kidderminster and many other projects.


As we offer a mobile service we can  undertake all types of work from small domestic jobs such as blasting radiators to large jobs on construction sites blasting and spraying 30 metre steel beams.  We carry out work for construction companies,  property developers or individuals who may want to renovate their own property.  Blasting beams on barn conversions,  or walls where a property has suffered fire damage all respond well to blast cleaning.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer an outstanding level of service to all.


We undertake work primarily in the West Midlands but will travel to different parts of the country for larger jobs if required.


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